Wild India Expeditions is A unit of Tribe and Treks eco tourism Pvt. Ltd , and known for offering unique wildlife expeditions for photographers, science students, researchers in remote destinations of India. We wish to give you an exclusive experience on all our adventures. You will return home with exceptional wildlife sightings, stunning photographs, amazing adventure stories, unique cultural encounters, and a wealth of natural history education. When you travel with us, you team up with our expert and well-known wildlife biologist and herpetologist Soham Mukherjee (Naja.in), who has plenty of experience exploring the forests of Arunachal Pradesh, western Indian forest and Western Ghats. Come travel with Wild India Expeditions and you will truly feel a meaning of ‘Adventure, a step further.’


Wild India Expeditions is committed to making a difference on this planet. It is our endeavor to link sustainable conservation action, responsible wildlife tourism, and scientific research. We help local tribal communities by setting up a steady economic growth through these activities which results in reduced hunting of wildlife in the region. The increased value of live animals in their forests is changing their perspectives and practices. Our documentation of the species we encounter in expeditions helps in establishing the ecological importance of the forests we work in. We partner with many organizations around the world who share our mission to conserve, and protect wildlife and their fragile habitats.


Responsible wildlife tourism that helps conservation of species and their habitats, provides sustenance to local communities that share the same habitats, and advances scientific understanding of the region and its wildlife.