Situated on the northeastern tip of the country, the state of Arunachal Pradesh is a part of Eastern Himalayan. Arunachal Pradesh occupies the largest area (83.743 Sq. Km) in the northeastern region of India, and consists of mountainous ranges sloping to the plains of Assam. The diversity of topographical and climatic condition has favoured the growth of luxuriant forests, which are home to myriad plant and animal forms, and more than 100 reptile species adding beauty to the landscape. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the biologically richest areas in the entire planet. The great altitude and climatic variation has resulted in a bio-diversity that very few places in the world can rival. No wonder then that this unique mix of habitats has resulted in a staggering diversity of reptile species along with other fauna. The expedition takes you through remote hillsides dotted with tribal settlements, surrounded by leech-infested rainforest. Through one of the most inaccessible regions in the world makes this one of the most premier expeditions offered. We ran many successful expeditions on the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, lead by Mr. Soham Mukherjee , Herpetologist and wildlife biologist. And ended with finding few amphibian species, and some reptiles first time ever documented in the region. Our every expedition has different location to comb unexplored forest, to find new species. Join our one of the most adventurous expedition in most inaccessible forest.

+ Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival at Guwahati Airport , shift to hotel. After lunch there will be briefing About expedition by our expert wildlife Biologist and herpetologist Mr. Soham Mukharjee. At 7.30pm we will head to Train station. Train will leave at 8.30 to Arunachal Pradesh. Dinner will be severed In a train.

Day 2 - At early Morning Train will arrive at Naharlagun Station. Suv's will be ready for further journey.  En route we will have breakfast. Continue journey through lush green mountain range of Arunachal Pradesh. Vehicles will stop for lunch. At evening we will reach Likabali. We will stay at Tribal Host House. Tribal food will be served at dinner. You can study/understand our host's Nyishi tribe culture. you can interact with them with help of local Guide .

Day 3 - After Breakfast we will head to rainforest base camp which is close to Likabali. Few tribal people will give as company to guide in Rainforest.. Lunch will be prepared in forest. After setting up camp. we will trek deep into forest to explore wildlife. Mr.Soham will help you to identify fauna species. Evening we will return to camp. After dinner we will go for reptile search in surrounding area, streams. At around 10pm we will call for the day.

Day 4 - Expedition full day and night till 7pm. return back to camp. call for the day, B/L/D will be severed

Day 5 - Expedition full day and night till 7pm. return back to camp. call for the day. B/L/D will be severed.

Day 6 - After breakfast. we will head to another location where we will built jungle camp with help of local tribal . En route we will keep searching for Amphibians and reptiles Tonight we will have dinner at jungle camp

Day 7 - After breakfast we will head to another location. Night we will go for search  in surrounding area.

Day 8 - After breakfast we will trek in to deep forest adjacent to Jungle camp . Where local tribal seen many Kaulback's pit viper. In local language they call it "BARATA'. Lunch and dinner will serve at jungle camp.

Day 9 - same procedure follows as previous day.

Day 10 -  After Breakfast we will head to Naharlagan Train station for our return journey. At 7pm we will board train to Guwahati. En route Lunch will be served .

Day 11 - Morning 7.00am we will reach to Guwahati. From There we will depart for our rest destinations.

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10 Days

20th - 30th, April 2018
15th - 25th, September 2018